New constructions

Dream house - Road to construction

All individuals dream, live and think differently. Based on this philosophy, all our clients have different reuirements and exigencies on their proposed properties┬┤. Important factors must be considered in the process:

Parcel of land

  • Location and costs
  • Dimentional size of the land and und its layout
  • Existing infrastructure
  • Public amenities (Water, Gas & Electricity)
  • Transport connection
  • Regulations in land development plans


Type of construction

  • Individual needs and requirements:
  • House dimension and size
  • Living space(How many rooms & how much space is required)
  • Possible construction alternatives and possibilities
  • Possibilities of propetry use conversion
  • Secure and safe residence in old age


The advantages of a new property

  • The influence of the property and its layout is bigger and better than in Existing buildings
  • Their technican standards are better
  • This highly raises the standards of living
  • Warmth and noice insulation

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