Restoration of buildings - New life in old houses

-You have always dreamt of this house-

A beautiful old villa with a big parcel of land and nevertheless Situated near the city, with high ceilings, hall like rooms of post built structure, Old floors and similar houses enchant your interests.....

An ,,Old house“ in reality 25% relatively cheaper building a new houses, partially ready for an immediate occupancy, more often than not with good infrastructure and centrality, maybe even in your preferred district area, the surrounding and existing developments are familiar to you and the tree population in this property is for you beyond price.

However, one must make several considerations when dealing with such properties. Often do such properties not offer the comfort of a new house and must first be renovated and rehabilitated.

Many questions always arise all of a sudden at an instant, if someone wants to own an old historical property.

One will not notice any damages at the first blink, therefore one needs assurances and professional assistance, on the potential reconstruction and rehabilitation possibilities, spatial and energy options, and what the costs for the time and the materials on this basis would bring.

For all the questions, that you may come across on such a situation, we do offer professional solutions. For these reasons are we always at your disposal with professional expertise to help your inquiries and partner in your ventures.